Welcome to Country Place

This Country Place 75703 website is designed to serve as an information resource about the neighborhood for both residents and those who wish to become residents. Here you will find a brief history, a downloadable PDF file of restrictions for both Phases I and II, the Lakeshore construction requirements, and our News & Views section with photos of the lovely scenery and events which make this such a special neighborhood.


Trash Can Engineering

I’d like to recognize our neighbor, Walt Gallaway, for his engineering skills. Using only black gaffer’s tape and steel bolts, he has managed to keep his Live Oak Waste receptacle in service even after a mortal wound that split the container halfway down its side. Kudos, Mr Gallaway!

Protesting Your Property Taxes, 2024

We have helped several neighbors gather info in preparation for protesting their property taxes, which jumped considerably for many of us. Country Place published sales of eight homes in 2023 (we don’t have access to private sales). You can click the link below to see details of these sales, which you will need to compare […]

Your Dog Barks Too Much

Some years ago a sweet old lady on Great Oaks Circle kept a German Shepherd as her constant companion and guard dog. Unfortunately, the dog barked constantly, and loudly, driving her neighbors to distraction. One of them posted the sign below on her mailbox. Ms Gamblin and her annoying companion are no longer with us, […]

Remembering Jerry Jones

Friend and neighbor Jerry Jones passed away on April 1st of 2023. I had spoken with Jerry in March when I called to brag about a big bass our grandson, Jack, had caught and to inquire about his health (he’d had heart surgery a few weeks earlier). He sounded weak but he complimented Jack on […]