Country Place Directory, 2020-2021

Every two years we publish a directory of current residents for internal use. Now that land lines are becoming somewhat rare, the old Yellow Pages is no longer as useful and we find that our neighborhood directory is more helpful than ever. It’s surprising how often I refer to this little book for simple things like letting a neighbor know they have a broken sprinkler head, or that their dog is loose. Parents use it to set up playdates for their kids. Recently, one of our neighbors had a very loud burglar alarm go off while they were on vacation. Unfortunately, only their home phone was listed and it took some time before they were contacted. Meanwhile, their neighbors put up with the very annoying clanging (it was a false alarm). We never share the information with non-residents!

We will be offering advertising space, as usual. If you own a business and would like to place an ad in the directory, let me know. The ads are $25 for a business card size, $50 for a half page ad and $100 for a full page ad. The inside covers are $250 and can be color ads. The rest of the book is black and white. The charges for the ads simply go to fund the printing of the directory so no neighborhood dues are used.

If you are new to the neighborhood and haven’t already filled one out, or if your info has changed significantly since the last directory, please use the link below to download the official form:

Country Place Directory Info

However, if you just have a new email, cell phone, or have disconnected your land line, just email to let me know and I’ll make that change.

Long Lake Walking Trail

One of the reasons our dues in Country Place are so low is that much of the work is done by volunteers. So everyone owes a big “THANK YOU” to Rusty Jacks and his crew for their work Saturday morning to keep the walking  path around Long Lake (#3) clear. If you’re new to the neighborhood, or if you’ve never participated in one of the “Work Saturdays”, this is a great way to meet your neighbors in a friendly, productive environment. Hope to see you at the next one!

Slice of Heaven

Bella, our faithful Giant Schauzer-mix mutt, and I walk several miles each day, leaving just after sun-up so as to avoid the heat. Some mornings we see deer, fox, rabbit, an armadillo…even a pileated woodpecker. But most of what we see are some nice homes, lakes and lovely woods. The scene below is one of my favorite stretches along the Shackelford Creek bottom. The world can sometimes seem like a chaotic and frightening place; I’m glad to have this little slice of heaven as my neighborhood.

Long Lake (#3): New Footbridge

The footbridge across the dam on our Long Lake (#3) had rotted out to the point that it was becoming unsafe, so your board put it out for bid and Roman Landscaping was awarded the job. Andrew and his crew have constructed a very solid footbridge which should last another ten years.