Volunteers In Country Place

I spent a morning this spring with Jerry Jones, a Country Place resident for many years, who volunteers his time to help keep our lakes in balance. I rode with Jerry over to Longview to pick up a hundred pounds of tilapia (see ourĀ Summer 2008 newsletter for more detail). Jerry is one of a group of volunteers who have helped make Country Place what it is today. Tom Perry has worked on the Fall Festival Hayride for years. Denise Jarrett worked with a group to help update our deed restrictions. Ann Horton spent hours researching the title work for Country Place. Ken Terrell donated his considerable carpentry skills to help make the bridges over dams 1, 2 and 3. For those of us who have moved here more recently, the standard set by these folks is a high bar. If you have some time and talent and you want to make a difference in the neighborhood you call home, call a board member and ask what needs doing here.

Middleton’s Host Easter Egg Hunt

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In the spring, Country Place sponsors an Easter egg hunt for members’ children. This year, the Middleton’s hosted the event at their home, complete with food, a zipline, and a brief discussion of the meaning of the holiday. Our thanks to Susan and Elliott for their hospitality.

Welcome to our new website

The site is up, although there are still many hours of work yet to do. There are several hundred photographs of picnics, fall festivals, and scenics which need to be processed and sized, we have some issues with the blog loading too slowly, the Deed Restrictions need to be further reduced to facilitate downloading, and on and on it goes. The designers like to say, “A website is dynamic…it’s never really finished” and that is what you’re seeing here. CountryPlaceTyler.com will always be a work-in-progess.

But the “skeleton” is here, and we can fill in the rest as time allows. If you have suggestions, updated information, or artwork to submit, please email or call me, Larry Lynch.

Fall Festival A Success

Our thanks to the Jarrett’s for hosting the Country Place Fall Festival. Once again, Tom Perry organized the hayride and the picnic was well-attended…the weather was lovely which helped.

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