Our Lakes

One of the benefits of living in our neighborhood AND being a member of the association is the fishing. Both our boys grew up fishing these lakes and our oldest still has the passion for it. He, along with grandson Jack and his girlfriend, spend many evenings catching and releasing bream, bass, and catfish.

Young Bucks

Two young bucks have been hanging out beside the Lowell’s home on Lakeshore. The light was dim, but I managed to snap one shot of them before they drifted back into the brush.

The Lakeshore Walk

Morning sun lights up this big sweetgum on Lakeshore, a favorite walk that parallels Shackelford Creek and winds around Long Lake (#3). Hidden Lake is also accessed off Lakeshore, and I sometimes detour up to take in that view, as well. This is also the point in the Lakeshore walk where I sometimes peel off and walk the west bank of Long Lake and the north bank of Bream Lake.

Our Dry Summer Ends

Our dry summer ended abruptly during the first few days of September this year, with rain interspersed over several days that flooded the creeks and filled our lakes again here in Country Place. I snapped this photo of the Old Lake (#1) spillway on the 3rd. During the next few days I poured over seven inches of rain out of our gauge.September 3rd, 2020: Old Lake Spillway