Morning Fog Over Lake #1

Shot from the Lake #1 dam on an early January morning.

Fall Arrives in Country Place

After an extended Indian Summer, we are finally seeing some autumn color in Country Place. The elm tree is reflected in Lake #2. Below, a small tree blazes in the Hayden’s sideyard.


Morning Glories in Bloom


The morning glories are in bloom all over Country Place. This vine is on the Gober’s new fence.

Country Place’s Hidden Lake (#4) Freezes Over

Received this from Lane Norvell this morning. Please don’t let your kids try this. Not sure Lane should have, either, but the photo is too interesting not to post:

“Well I would never recommend standing on a frozen lake in Texas  particularly when you are by yourself and using a self timer photoshot (like I was here at 7:45 this morning)      : )   but I did test the ice and felt pretty comfotable….definitely was a cold weekend…. and not sure when the last time anyone around have seen lakes frozen over around here  : )   thought you might enjoy the photo(s) and it is pretty amazing and unusual for lakes /ponds to freeze over this solidly   DISCLAIMER:  NEVER STAND ON A FROZEN POND OR LAKE ….THIS CAN CAUSE POTENTIAL FREEZING, FROSTBITE AND/OR EVENTUAL DISCOMFORT AND/OR DEATH   : )”