Sunset Over Country Place

The evening before a blue norther blew in and Tyler experienced the coldest week this year, we were treated to a beautiful sunset.

Winter Skies

When folks from out-of-state visit us looking for their next home in the wintertime, I tell them that viewing East Texas this time of year is like seeing their girlfriend without her makeup for the first time. Still pretty, of course, but minus much of the color. So I tilt upward for beauty and find it in winter skies like this one, over our Long Lake here in Country Place.

Morning Walks, Fall 2020

In the mornings I walk. First my dog, then I take my camera and go on a longer jaunt, about four miles. In the fall I photograph foliage; this has been a good year for catching color, and Halloween decorations.

Young Bucks

Two young bucks have been hanging out beside the Lowell’s home on Lakeshore. The light was dim, but I managed to snap one shot of them before they drifted back into the brush.