Bream Lake (#2): Morning Light

Slice of Heaven

Bella, our faithful Giant Schauzer-mix mutt, and I walk several miles each day, leaving just after sun-up so as to avoid the heat. Some mornings we see deer, fox, rabbit, an armadillo…even a pileated woodpecker. But most of what we see are some nice homes, lakes and lovely woods. The scene below is one of my favorite stretches along the Shackelford Creek bottom. The world can sometimes seem like a chaotic and frightening place; I’m glad to have this little slice of heaven as my neighborhood.

Old Lake in Fog

On a late winter day, fog still shrouds the Old Lake. First in a chain of three lakes in Country Place, Old Lake has produced a 26 lb blue cat and a double-digit black bass, as well as many copper nose bluegill.

Fall Color

Fall came a bit late this year, but it’s in full swing now and a walk through the neighborhood will reveal scenes like this one, a poison ivy vine climbing high on a pine tree growing beside a cedar along JB Glaspie’s property.