Growing Up In Country Place

2016-01-15_JackPanagl_004aRaising kids is never easy, and perhaps even more so in these complicated times, but it has big rewards. Our boys grew up here, and although there were bumps and crashes along the way, we are immensely proud of the young men they’ve become. Watching other youngsters grow up in the neighborhood is gratifying, too, and is motivation for working hard to preserve Country Place and its amenities.

I ran across this young fella yesterday while out fishing. He was sitting on the Lake #3 bridge looking out on the lake. I felt a certain sympatico with someone who appreciated the view enough to sit and admire it so I stopped and introduced myself to 14-year-old Jack Panagl, son of Bryan and Agatha. I found out he’s a neighbor on Oak Meadow Circle, that he’s lived here about a year and goes to Whitehouse Middle School (not Jesuit). He rides this big board down the hill on Lakeshore (but only about half of it…he’s not nuts). Jack’s not sure of what he wants to be when he grows up, and he doesn’t “dislike” fishing (damning with faint praise). I told him about my 10.5 pound bass, hoping to motivate him, but am not sure he shared my excitement.

He was generous enough to give me a couple of minutes to act as my model against one of my favorite backdrops. My best to Jack and his family.

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