Kids & Country Place

2015-11-05_Flanagans_01aI made a trip to Hidden Lake last Thursday; I’d caught a few bream and enjoyed some quiet time. I had already taken down my fly rod and was shooting pictures when I heard the sound of kids laughing and a moment later Kate & Carolyn Flanagan, along with a friend, came running over the dam with mom Kelly close behind. In short order the girls set up a picnic on the pier complete with tea and popcorn. I snapped a few photos and, as it began to get dark, we left. I was reminded of the reason Andrea and I had made the move to Country Place in 2007…this is just a wonderful place to raise kids. Our boys and I spent many hours fishing these lakes and I love seeing families enjoy our lakes and common areas.2015-11-05_Flanagans_022015-11-05_Flanagans_04a2015-11-05_Flanagans_03a

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