Protesting Your Property Taxes, 2024

2023 Country Place Home Sales

Below is a comparative market analysis showing greater detail of the sold homes. You can see the big swing in cost per square foot ranging from $137.11 to $224.33 a square foot; a lot depends on the home’s age, updates, and maintenance. A forty-year-old home with no updates and a lot of deferred maintenance will appraise for much less than a newer, more energy-efficient home with up-to-date features, but if you bought such a home, you need to provide proof. The spreadsheet below will give you a good idea of what Smith County’s appraisers are looking at in this current appraisal period. For specific information on protesting Smith County taxes, click here. If you have questions regarding your home’s appraisal, feel free to call me (903.714.7090) or Andrea (903.714.7091).

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