Fall Festival: Rainy Day Hayride & Picnic

We managed to get our hayride in, although the picnic turned a bit soggy. No matter, the kids had fun and went home with candy, which had them smiling. It was great to see new residents participating, as well.

Kids’ Swim Party

Thanks to the Ray’s, Charles and Valencia, for hosting a gaggle of Country Place children at their new home and pool on Saturday. It was great to see the neighborhood children get together for a planned play date.

Looking Back

Flashback Thursday:

In April of 2008, a beaver family built a large den underneath theconcrete spillway below Bream Lake (#2). Without that support, the spillway caved in and the water began to eat away at the dam itself. Over the next two months, L&L Construction brought in  tons of riprap and rebuilt the spillway. I snapped this photo of Ken Terrell, CPCA president at the time, surveying the project, which wound up costing more than $20,000. They’re amazing animals, but beaver can cause some very expensive damage.