Lakes In Great Shape

If you haven’t been down to one of our lakes recently, you should go. Kratos and I walked all the lakes today and they are in great shape. Lake #1 is off-color, but the work on the road is finished and the water is flowing over the dam. Actually, it’s flowing over the dams on #2, #3 and #4, too. The erosion on Lake #4 dam is getting serious and we’ll need to address it in ’09. These big rains are cutting into the middle of the dam now. The water in #2 and #3 is perfect for fishing now and the fish should be moving again. In fact, I talked to one of my fly-fishing neighbors who caught a 6-lb bass recently on a frog pattern. Now that’s fun!

Ode to Aerobic Upkeep by Pete Galbraith

Oh Country Place nice resident your bright green grass looks swell,
I wonder if the fertilizer is what’s giving off that smell?
Without quarterly inspections the exact cause we can’t tell
Your effort to just get it fixed is what we must compel.

More than one of your fine neighbors is gonna have a fit,
We suspect that your aerobic system is the cause of it.
Perhaps it is the aerator or chemicals that don’t fit,
But one thing is completely sure, your yard sure smells like….poop.

Rain In Country Place

Kratos and I like to visit with the neighbors on our morning walks and we’ve all been commiserating about the abnormally dry weather…until now. Yesterday I poured 3/10’s an inch of rain out of our gauge; this morning I poured out 5.25″.


We got a gully-washer last night, and in fact some of our gulleys here in Country Place have been washing big stones down the road…you can see them on the hill heading down toward Ron & Theresa’s. There were also a couple of trees knocked down last night across the Story’s driveway.