Deer in Country Place: Great Shot!


I received this wonderful photograph yesterday and had to share it with everyone along with the Bledsoe’s email accompanying:

Hi Larry-
There is a lot of sad news for our web site and newsletter this winter. The fire at the Smith’s and the passing of Carl Reis… Both these families have a long history with Country Place.

On a more happy note, Nick was playing around with his new telephoto lens and took the attached picture of the deer that visit our area up on Ridgetop. They like to rest in our back yard and eat over in the Reis’s yard and Dr. Green’s large front yard. I imagine a lot of residents see them. One of them is a male with tiny spikes just beginning to show. Nick also saw a 8 point buck right before Thanksgiving -chasing the doe’s. Hopefully we’ll have more baby deer this spring.

Nick & Yvonne Bledsoe

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