Welcome to Country Place

This Country Place 75703 website is designed to serve as an information resource about the neighborhood for both residents and those who wish to become residents. Here you will find a brief history, a downloadable PDF file of restrictions for both Phases I and II, the Lakeshore construction requirements, and our News & Views section with photos of the lovely scenery and events which make this such a special neighborhood.


Progress vs Nature

Not long after we moved to Tyler (from Richardson), our 13-year-old son, Leo, turned to me in the car one day and said, “Dad, all those bulldozers we thought we left in Dallas are coming to East Texas”. Like his dad, my son loves the natural world, and sixteen years later, his observation seems even […]

2019-04-20, CPCA Easter

Another fun time at Three Lakes park with the kids hunting Easter eggs and the adults visiting. Many thanks to Rachel Magee, who pitched in after Valencia’s knee surgery laid her up.

Giant Dogwood

The drought years of 2010 and 2011 were hard on all the trees in East Texas, but dogwoods were among the most affected. One vacant lot in Country Place lost a dozen of the beautiful under-story trees. But spring 2019 is another year altogether; one of the largest trees in the neighborhood had a banner […]

2019-03-16, Country Place, Dogs & Smores

Our intrepid event planner came up with a new event for members to take advantage of the firepit in Three Lakes Park. Hot dogs and s’mores were on the menu, as well as various goodies brought by residents to share.