Welcome to Country Place

This Country Place 75703 website is designed to serve as an information resource about the neighborhood for both residents and those who wish to become residents. Here you will find a brief history, a downloadable PDF file of restrictions for both Phases I and II, the Lakeshore construction requirements, and our News & Views section with photos of the lovely scenery and events which make this such a special neighborhood.


Foggy Morning Over Old Lake

Yesterday we woke up to one of those magical, foggy mornings with that silvery, ephemeral light that had me grabbing for my camera and heading out. Old Lake (#1) was just starting to clear when I set up and shot this scene. ~ Shot November 5th, 2019 at 7:19am with the Light L16: ISO 200, […]

2019 Fall Festival

There is nothing like breaking bread with your neighbors to imbue a sense of community. It’s one of the things that make Country Place such a special place in a day and time when interpersonal relationships have become the exception. Oh, and the brisket and sausage were delicious. So thanks to all the volunteers who […]

Country Place Directory, 2020-2021

Every two years we publish a directory of current residents for internal use. Now that land lines are becoming somewhat rare, the old Yellow Pages is no longer as useful and we find that our neighborhood directory is more helpful than ever. It’s surprising how often I refer to this little book for simple things […]

Long Lake Walking Trail

One of the reasons our dues in Country Place are so low is that much of the work is done by volunteers. So everyone owes a big “THANK YOU” to Rusty Jacks and his crew for their work Saturday morning to keep the walking  path around Long Lake (#3) clear. If you’re new to the […]