Morning Walks, Fall 2020

In the mornings I walk. First my dog, then I take my camera and go on a longer jaunt, about four miles. In the fall I photograph foliage; this has been a good year for catching color, and Halloween decorations.

Morning Walk: Our Furry Neighbors

Squirrels seem to be everywhere in our neighborhood. I rarely walk more than a hundred yards without seeing one or two, and I enjoy their antics. They seem to enjoy driving our dog, Bella, wild by playing right outside the front window, where she stands guard. They like breaking into attics and setting up housekeeping there. And they seem to be fearless when running across the road in front of Country Place drivers. Of course, there are drivers who don’t brake for them.

The female pictured above likes to sit on the Middleton’s fence and scold passersby.

Our Lakes

One of the benefits of living in our neighborhood AND being a member of the association is the fishing. Both our boys grew up fishing these lakes and our oldest still has the passion for it. He, along with grandson Jack and his girlfriend, spend many evenings catching and releasing bream, bass, and catfish.