Your Dog Barks Too Much

Some years ago a sweet old lady on Great Oaks Circle kept a German Shepherd as her constant companion and guard dog. Unfortunately, the dog barked constantly, and loudly, driving her neighbors to distraction. One of them posted the sign below on her mailbox.

Ms Gamblin and her annoying companion are no longer with us, but the problem of barking dogs continues unabated. Our own dog, Bella, is an inside animal, but when we let her out to do her business, she would find something to sound off on. A squirrel, a deer, or even a bird would be enough to set her off. Even when inside the house, she would go crazy when anyone approached our home.

Last year, our son Lucas and his girlfriend moved into Ashmore, a very quiet neighborhood inside the city limits, and their two Corgis immediately drew the ire of their neighbors because of their barking. So Lucas did his research and came up with an answer: dog barking collars.

The collars he purchased are the Dinjoos, and when he told us about the success they were having with them, we ordered one for Bella. What a wonderful invention. After charging, we experimented with different settings and came up with a combination of slight shock and beep which immediately discouraged her barking. We only charge about every ten days and have to be sure to keep the collar snug against her throat, but other than that it’s a very low-maintenance solution. Since we purchased our collar, many others have come on the market. Here’s a link to Amazon’s choices. If you have a problem with a barking dog, we highly recommend one of these collars.






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