New Faces

I’ve been seeing a lot of new faces walking in the neighborhood recently, and it occurs to me that those of you who moved here in the past few months have really missed out on the social life of Country Place due to the pandemic. We haven’t been able to hold our Spring Picnic and Easter Egg Hunt, our July 4th get-together, and movies in the park. I’m hoping that we’ll get back to some degree of normalcy in the next few months, but in the meantime I enjoy seeing our neighbors enjoying walks (and jogs) through one of the most beautiful areas in Texas.


Morning Walk: New Neighbors

One of the benefits of living in Country Place is the ability to take walks surrounded by trees and many beautifully landscaped yards. It’s also a great place to catch up with neighbors, as I did last Monday morning. One of the folks I ran across is Aaron Finley. He and his wife bought the home we sold for the Tiller’s home on Great Oak Circle and have been busy updating to accommodate their three children. We talked about the pandemic, the economy, the election…but mostly about photography, websites and fishing. The Finley’s are enjoying the neighborhood, and it’s a good feeling to have had a small part in making that happen.

I Think That I Shall Never See…

We have many lovely trees in Country Place, both wild and cultivated. This cypress, in Rebecca and Dave Mohr’s yard, is one of the latter and here is highlighted by a shaft of light cutting through the canopy.

Lakeshore Repairs Coming Soon

2015-03-09__Idell_LakeshoreDrainageFor those of you who called yesterday and others who are curious, Petty Landscaping is working on the Idell’s drainage to repair the rock wall and re-channel the drainage swale along Lakeshore. Work should be completed today.
LinksCloggedCulvertIn the next few weeks (depending on continued dry weather) L&L Asphalt should be able to complete the work on Lakeshore which will repair the damage done by heavy rains. They will unclog the culvert between the Links and the Idells (18981 and 18948 Lakeshore) in front of the Kelsays (19355 ), the Magees (19043) and the failing valley gutter between the Lowells and Littles (19053 and 19065) where L&L will do additional work for the homeowners replacing the wooden flume with a concrete version with curbed sides. For more detail on the work approved, 2016_L&L-Asphalt_Estimates.Lowell-Little_WoodenFlumeIf you would like additional work done (on your driveway, for instance), now would be a good time to contact David Lockridge at L&L (903.561.2887).