Brush Begone!

Most mornings I walk past and admire a neighbor’s acreage located right here in our neighborhood. Taylor Burns owns about 30 acres at the east end of Copperoaks, most of which is heavily wooded. Recently I stopped to watch a man on Taylor’s property using a grinder to sharpen the blades of a tractor attachment I’d never seen before. At the end of my walk, I went back by to watch, at a distance, as he cleared some of the heavy undergrowth from Taylor’s land. He would raise the Tecon mulcher on the arms of his Bobcat T76, and then, with the cutting blades rotating, he would lower them onto small trees and heavy brush which would be reduced to mulch. If you’ve never seen one of these in action, click the link below and fast forward about seven minutes.

See the Fecon brush mulcher in action

And here you can see the results.

October 5th: Ice Cream Social

Always nice to have an occasion to meet new neighbors, visit with old friends, and watch the children play.

New Board Members

Here are your new Board members and their responsibilities:
President- David Stewart 903.520.2265
Vice President- Nathan Mimms 903.520.2582
Secretary- Mark Woodruff 903.245.7953
Treasurer- Matt Abernathy 903.730.1284
Lakes & Parks – Rusty Jacks 903.352.0178
Restrictions – James Bates 817.313.1231
Social – Jim Hamilton 214.769.3685
Building Committee – Rea Boudreaux 903.521.6571 and Kevin Humphrey 903.780.0770
Directory Updates – Larry Lynch 903.714.7090