Fall Festival: Rainy Day Hayride & Picnic

We managed to get our hayride in, although the picnic turned a bit soggy. No matter, the kids had fun and went home with candy, which had them smiling. It was great to see new residents participating, as well.


Over the years we’ve watched some amazing transformations of homes in Country Place. The Tates, the Flannigans, the McCords, the Shepards, and the Millers have made obvious updates to their exteriors (and often to interiors). Interior updates like kitchens and bathrooms aren’t visible from the street, but they certainly impact the value of our homes. Landscaping, too, can affect a home’s value by as much as 20%, according to some studies. So we like to see projects like the Busches, the Burnetts, and Dr Baum’s; all have added flower beds to their front yards. Below you can see the difference this has made in Dr Baum’s front yard. Kudos!

The Happiest Day

Last evening Jack and I were once again catching bream when his bobber disappeared and when he set the hook, I heard a loud screech from the drag on his reel. The next five minutes were somewhat chaotic, with me trying to help him hold the rod tip up while the big cat made three long runs before coming to hand. The channel cat weighed 8.5 lbs, a respectable catch for a fisherman of any age, but a trophy to a 6-year-old wielding a 24″ Ugly Stik and a plastic reel loaded with 4 lb test line. We released the fish and she swam away to thrill some other kid another day. On the way home, he told me this was the happiest day of his life.