New Faces

I’ve been seeing a lot of new faces walking in the neighborhood recently, and it occurs to me that those of you who moved here in the past few months have really missed out on the social life of Country Place due to the pandemic. We haven’t been able to hold our Spring Picnic and Easter Egg Hunt, our July 4th get-together, and movies in the park. I’m hoping that we’ll get back to some degree of normalcy in the next few months, but in the meantime I enjoy seeing our neighbors enjoying walks (and jogs) through one of the most beautiful areas in Texas.


2019 Fall Festival

There is nothing like breaking bread with your neighbors to imbue a sense of community. It’s one of the things that make Country Place such a special place in a day and time when interpersonal relationships have become the exception. Oh, and the brisket and sausage were delicious.

So thanks to all the volunteers who helped Valencia Ray put on another successful CPCA event. This year we had seven wagons and twenty treaters for our kids. It was a blast!


Long Lake Walking Trail

One of the reasons our dues in Country Place are so low is that much of the work is done by volunteers. So everyone owes a big “THANK YOU” to Rusty Jacks and his crew for their work Saturday morning to keep the walking  path around Long Lake (#3) clear. If you’re new to the neighborhood, or if you’ve never participated in one of the “Work Saturdays”, this is a great way to meet your neighbors in a friendly, productive environment. Hope to see you at the next one!

Spring Picnic/Easter Egg Hunt 2018

Once again, Valencia Ray and her team put together a fun day for both adults and children at our Three Lakes Park. The skies were cloudy, but the atmosphere was bright, and after a lunch of hot dogs, hamburgers and fried catfish, the children of Country Place made quick work of gathering eggs on the Jacks’ manicured lawn. I had an opportunity to visit with several of my neighbors whom I only see at our CPCA events. I also made some snapshots and am sharing them here.