Halloween Hayride/Festival 2021

We had a picture-perfect day for our Hayride and Fall Festival today. Many thanks to Valencia, Charles, and their crew for such an enjoyable event.

  • The Stricklands put up black witches

Summer Newsletter

CountryPlaceNewsletterLogoCountry Place Community Association would like to thank everyone for helping to keep our community looking so beautiful. With April showers running into May this year, it required much more mowing and yard maintenance. Thank you for taking so much pride in your property.

Most of you who monitor our Facebook page are aware of our 2-3 ft. alligator at Hidden Lake. Larry Lynch called Texas Fish & Game, who put him in touch with fisheries biologist and trapper Mark McDonald. Mark recommended leaving the alligator alone, since he will eat primarily snakes and turtles. And, as long as we have a small alligator in the pond, we’ll know an 8-footer hasn’t slipped in, since the larger gator would immediately dispose of the smaller one. Mark said to call him in ten years when the gator is large enough to eat a dog. Basically, he validated what our local lake expert, Jerry Jones, had previously advised; “We should leave the gator in place, since they are a part of the natural world here”. At some future date we can have him removed at a $250 fee if he doesn’t move on.

We want to make you aware that we have placed a chain barrier located on Lakeshore Road entering Lake 4 (Hidden Lake), to discourage trespassers. This entrance is used by our yard and fish maintenance crew only and not open to the community to access.

This year we have seen many new neighbors, and because of that we extended the processing time for the current directory. The 2015 Directory is now done and we are discussing ways of delivering it to you.

We encourage the use of CPCA Lakes & Parks stickers on all automobiles. They facilitate our network of neighborhood watch and ensure that Country Place lakes are being utilized by our association members.

Just a reminder for those residents that are not currently paid up on your home owner association annual dues billed in January, please do so. These fees cover all maintenance in the subdivision, park lawn care, electricity, insurance, fallen trees, Lakeshore private road, stocking fish in the lakes, material and repairing bridges and walkways.

2015-04-08_CntryPlc_FallenTree001So far this year’s projects have included2015-05-15_LakeshoreIsues_006 an aeration unit in Lake 3, restocking Lake 2 after we drew down the lake to fix the leak, removal of two large fallen trees from the park on Three Lakes, and repaving sections of Lakeshore Drive.

Just a reminder to all residents and their visitors, vendors and workers to please observe the speed limit postings. Summertime brings out our children biking, residents jogging, walking (some with pets), on our streets where slower traffic is needed for safety.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact any of our board members; all are listed on our web site. The site also provides restrictions and our by-laws, current events, lost & found, and message blogs.

For those of you who are new to the neighborhood or who haven’t looked at the covenants in a while, the following pages address some of the most common issues we encounter in Country Place.

Country Place FAQ Page/Frequently Asked Questions
Rules and Regulations
Dues:  What do my Country Place dues pay for?
• Dues pay for the resident’s use of the Country Place (CP) amenities such as the use of lakes and parks areas, use of private roads in the Country Place community, the attendance of community activities and special social events, as well as the right to vote on Country Place issues and the election of Board members.
• Specifically the dues are used to fund the following:
• The maintenance and care of the lakes area including fish stockings, environmental treatment, piers and dock maintenance and replacement as needed, fish feeding, dam maintenance, weed control, and general lake and water flow management issues as needed.
• Maintenance of Entrances and electrical costs of illuminating same.
• Mowing of all lake, park, entrance and common CP areas.
• Tree removal and cleanup around lakes, parks and common areas for safety and aesthetic concerns.
• Maintenance of private road as needed per Development Agreements.
• Funding of events for the benefit of membership including but not limited to Annual Spring Picnic and New Board Announcement event, Annual Fall Hayride and Festival, Annual Children’s Easter Egg Hunt and Social, Ladies Club Tea Social, etc.
• Accounting services for financial accountability of the Board, collection and processing of dues, banking and account reconciliation expense, and general accounting services.
• Legal expenses as needed for property issues, restriction enforcement, lien processing, and other legal issues as deemed needed by the governing Board.
• Other vital concerns as deemed necessary for the general welfare and benefit of the CP community by the current governing President and Board of Directors.

Lakes & Parks: Who can use the lakes and parks? Any rules?
• Only currently paid members are allowed to use the lakes and park areas.
• Guests MUST be accompanied by a currently paid up member.
• ATV’s and motorcycles ARE NOT allowed around the lakes and/or park areas.
• Dogs MUST be on a leash at the lakes and/or park areas.
Pets (Dogs): What are the rules for pets (dogs)?
• Dogs are NOT allowed to run ‘loose’ in Country Place.
• If a dog is accompanying its owner for a walk on the streets/roads or in the lakes and parks areas, it must be on a leash.

Residential appearance and upkeep: What do I need to know?
• All residential properties in Country Place are required to be kept up and well maintained in a reasonable manner. Everyone knows that property values and their marketability are greatly impacted by the appearance of the property. For that reason, and out of respect to your neighbors, Country Place has rules, regulations, and restrictions with regard to the appearance and maintenance of all properties in Country Place.
• Yards must be mowed regularly and timely, particularly during Spring, Summer and Fall months.
• Junk and trashy debris (including but not limited to old appliances, broken down vehicles, toys, trash, containers, etc.)  are strictly prohibited and should be removed from all properties.
• Dead trees, that are deemed to be unsightly and/or unsafe, are required to be removed.
• Boats, trailers, travel trailers, motor homes, etc. are not allowed to be parked on the street.
• Brush piles must be removed in a timely manner. For information about burning brush or anything else, please contact the CP Board of Directors.
• Outbuildings, sheds etc. must be placed to the rear of the property.
• There are rules regarding signage on CP properties. (Contact the CP Board for details)

New Construction on property: What do I need to know?
• All new construction must be approved by the Board of Directors and the Building committee.
• If you are not sure what constitutes new construction, please contact a Board member or make arrangements to meet with the Board BEFORE any construction is initiated and preferably in the earliest planning stages of your project.
• Outbuildings, sheds etc. must also be approved and located to the rear of your residence.
• Also, be aware that road damage deposits may be required depending on your location in the CP subdivision.
• AGAIN, contact the Board regarding any construction to make sure you are in compliance.

Speed Limits and Rules of the Road: What do I need to know?
• The speed limits in Country Place are 20-30 mph.
• Bottom line: All vehicles driven in Country Place should NEVER exceed 30 mph speed limit.
• ATV’s (four wheelers) are restricted from being driven in Country Place.

Soliciting: What do I need to know?
• Soliciting or ‘door to door’ sales of any product is not allowed in Country Place.
Note: This is not intended to include the friendly neighborhood Girl Scout cookie sales or school fundraisers by our local youth. However, if you are ever asked if you desire to purchase these type of goods, do not hesitate to ask where the youngster resides and feel free to call their parent to confirm they are a Country Place resident. And remember, you are NOT obligated to make a purchase. Door to door inquiries of this type, from a non CP resident, are not allowed.

Garage or Estate Sales: Can I have a garage sale?
• Garage sales and estate sales are strictly prohibited in Country Place.

Is hunting allowed in CP?
Hunting is not allowed in the subdivision, no discharging of fire arms are permitted.

These are a list of commonly and frequently asked questions with regard to the rules, regulations and restrictions of Country Place. This FAQ sheet is NOT intended to replace the original restrictions published, and on record, nor should serve as a final legal interpretation of any rule, regulation, or restriction of Country Place subdivision. It is intended to give you simple basic information commonly inquired about. Should you desire more information or clarification, please contact a Board Member or attend a CP Board Meeting.