Morning Walks, Fall 2020

In the mornings I walk. First my dog, then I take my camera and go on a longer jaunt, about four miles. In the fall I photograph foliage; this has been a good year for catching color, and Halloween decorations.

Long Lake (#3): New Footbridge

The footbridge across the dam on our Long Lake (#3) had rotted out to the point that it was becoming unsafe, so your board put it out for bid and Roman Landscaping was awarded the job. Andrew and his crew have constructed a very solid footbridge which should last another ten years.

Fish Stocking for 2018

March is fish-stocking time for the lakes. We have historically used $1500 to $2500 annually for stocking.  About eight years ago we tried tilapia and had good luck both from catching and reproduction; although they are vegetarians,  they can be caught on worms.  Their growth was unbelievable and everyone enjoyed fishing for them. We stopped stocking tilapia when we noted there was little if any reproduction being  observed.  We learned that unlike most fish the male is larger than the female.  It was felt that our producer was  selling mainly males to us so we quit stocking tilapia.

We are now getting our stock from Overton Fisheries in Buffalo, TX.  He is raising his own now so it is time to give them another try.  Tilapia are warm water fish and require temperature above 52 degrees to survive, thus the reason for April stocking.  The other fish need to be stocked around mid-March.

You will note that  fathead minnows are being stocked in all lakes, since they are the recommended  forage for all fish. Even the coppernose beam will eat those minnows because they are small.

Bream Lake (#2) should produce some trophy size coppernose this year since they were stocked in March 2015 and it is reported that they will grow to 2 lbs in 3 ½ years on feed.

We plan to add some breeding platforms for the flatheads.  Maybe something like the plastic shopping carts with small holes that will keep larger fish out.  If anyone has an idea for this, please let me know.

Looking forward to another good fishing season, since the lakes are full now and will be well-stocked.

~ Jerry Jones

CPCA Fall Festival 2017

The weather was chilly (55° with a north wind), but the promise of candy and a cook-out brought out a nice crowd for our annual Fall Festival for CPCA members. Thanks to Valencia Ray, our intrepid event organizer, and her crew for their hard work. I’ve added download buttons to the photos for those who wish to save or print any of these pics.