New Board Members

Here are your new Board members and their responsibilities:
President- David Stewart 903.520.2265
Vice President- Nathan Mimms 903.520.2582
Secretary- Mark Woodruff 903.245.7953
Treasurer- Matt Abernathy 903.730.1284
Lakes & Parks – Rusty Jacks 903.352.0178
Restrictions – James Bates 817.313.1231
Social – Jim Hamilton 214.769.3685
Building Committee – Rea Boudreaux 903.521.6571 and Kevin Humphrey 903.780.0770
Directory Updates – Larry Lynch 903.714.7090

Country Place Real Estate

19651 Oakmeadow Circle, Country Place. Recently sold home.

In spite of Covid and the lack of home inventory, we have had a lot of real estate activity in Country Place this summer with some historically high prices. The home at 18940 Big Timber Rd closed on the 18th at $129.41 a sf. The home at 3040 Ridgetop closed on the 16th at $108.98 a sf. The Terrell’s sold their home on Jo-Bar for $140 a sf. Richard Idell’s home at 19710 Copperoaks Drive is under contract now. We sold the Ouelette’s home at 19651 Oakmeadow Circle in June for $174 a sf. Country Place continues to be a sought-after address for many and we maintain a list of folks who’ve contacted us hoping to join the party. I ran across a gentleman yesterday who is hoping to move his family here and I am having to email him to let him know that the contract on the Idell’s home is solid and headed to closing soon. There are many new neighborhoods being put in around us but none with the sort of elbow-room and sense of community we offer here.

Mystery Insects at Hidden Lake

Jack and I went to Hidden Lake this morning and were amazed at these large insects digging tunnels on the dam. There were hundreds of the things and others flying just above them. I couldn’t get a decent photo so cadged this from a DuckDuckGo search but it looks like the same bug (and Eastern Velvet Ant) with more orange than red. I will try to get down there later today with a macro lens and see if I can get a shot of my own, but if there are any entomology fans out there, I’d like to know if this is the correct ID.


Independence Day Celebration

Country Place, with its estate-sized lots, allows for lots of privacy. But several times a year, thanks to a long tradition and Valencia Ray, we get together. On July 3rd, we celebrated Independence Day with the pledge of allegiance, the national anthem, and brunch. The kids searched for red, white and blue beads on the lawn, and we spent a couple of hours catching up with neighbors and meeting new ones.