Morning Walk: New Neighbors

One of the benefits of living in Country Place is the ability to take walks surrounded by trees and many beautifully landscaped yards. It’s also a great place to catch up with neighbors, as I did last Monday morning. One of the folks I ran across is Aaron Finley. He and his wife bought the home we sold for the Tiller’s home on Great Oak Circle and have been busy updating to accommodate their three children. We talked about the pandemic, the economy, the election…but mostly about photography, websites and fishing. The Finley’s are enjoying the neighborhood, and it’s a good feeling to have had a small part in making that happen.

Bream Lake Quackers

This morning I ran across a trio of ducks on the banks of Bream Lake (#2). How these  domestic  birds (the  Aylesbury’s  are  white,  the  brown  one  looks  like  a female  Mallard)  have  survived  in  a  neighborhood  full  foxes, raccoons, opossums and coyotes is a puzzle.

Young Visitor

I was drinking my morning coffee while standing at the kitchen sink, looking out the window, when this youngster trotted out of our hedge. I grabbed my camera and snapped through the glass…I knew if I tried to open the door the jig was up. One of the great pleasures of living in our neighborhood is the proximity to forests and wildlife.

Protesting Your Property Taxes

Several of our neighbors have called recently, asking for data to help in protesting their new property tax valuations, some of which have been 10% higher than last year’s. That is an unusually large increase, and coming in a tumultuous year like this one, looks overly aggressive, at least in many cases. So, in order to help those wishing to protest, here are several documents designed to help those folks.

CountryPlace_CMA_2019 (note that these are only those sales which were included on our multiple listing service)


Oakbrook Sales, 2019 to Present

We have more information on individual properties, but the links only last a few days so if you are interested in getting that link, just shoot me an email: or text to 903.714.7090.