Over the years we’ve watched some amazing transformations of homes in Country Place. The Tates, the Flannigans, the McCords, the Shepards, and the Millers have made obvious updates to their exteriors (and often to interiors). Interior updates like kitchens and bathrooms aren’t visible from the street, but they certainly impact the value of our homes. Landscaping, too, can affect a home’s value by as much as 20%, according to some studies. So we like to see projects like the Busches, the Burnetts, and Dr Baum’s; all have added flower beds to their front yards. Below you can see the difference this has made in Dr Baum’s front yard. Kudos!

Protesting Your Property Taxes

Several of our neighbors have called recently, asking for data to help in protesting their new property tax valuations, some of which have been 10% higher than last year’s. That is an unusually large increase, and coming in a tumultuous year like this one, looks overly aggressive, at least in many cases. So, in order to help those wishing to protest, here are several documents designed to help those folks.

CountryPlace_CMA_2019 (note that these are only those sales which were included on our multiple listing service)


Oakbrook Sales, 2019 to Present

We have more information on individual properties, but the links only last a few days so if you are interested in getting that link, just shoot me an email: or text to 903.714.7090.

Homes Still Selling in Country Place

Well neighbors, mask and gloves be-darned, Country Place continues to attract buyers even during the Covid-19 scare. Both 18650 Big Timber (the former Hildebrand/Alexander home) and 19043 Lakeshore Dr (the Magee’s) are under contract, going through the 10-day option period when inspections are being done. The only Country Place properties currently for sale on our MLS are the Victorian at 3040 Ridgetop and the five lots between Hidden Lake and Lakeshore (McClellan’s). We have clients in California and Colorado who haven’t been able to travel also looking to relocate to our area and we look forward to seeing the country healthy again and travel safe. Meanwhile, for all you CPCA members, enjoy the fishing!

Country Place: 2019 Comparative Market Analysis

The 2019 statistics for sales in Country Place reveal a continuation of rising prices in our area largely due to increasing demand and rapid development in South Tyler and Flint. Additionally, construction costs have gone up dramatically in the past few years and that has impacted existing home sales.

The highest price-per-square-foot paid yet ($159.66) for a home in Country Place was for a property on Lakeshore we sold in December. A 2,568 square foot, 3/2.5/2 home, it was built in 1982 but extensively updated and boasts a view overlooking woods along Shackelford Creek and a diving pool. The seller took our advice and purchased a pre-market appraisal which helped buyers understand the value added by all the updates.

The lowest price paid per-square-foot was $81.79 for a home built in 2000, also updated but extremely customized.

These are just two of the nine homes that sold last year. The average cost-per-square-foot was $116.59, the median $114.65. The average time on market was 55 days. You can see the complete CMA summary report by clicking here:

2019 Country Place Comparative Market Analysis