Country Place: 2019 Comparative Market Analysis

The 2019 statistics for sales in Country Place reveal a continuation of rising prices in our area largely due to increasing demand and rapid development in South Tyler and Flint. Additionally, construction costs have gone up dramatically in the past few years and that has impacted existing home sales.

The highest price-per-square-foot paid yet ($159.66) for a home in Country Place was for a property on Lakeshore we sold in December. A 2,568 square foot, 3/2.5/2 home, it was built in 1982 but extensively updated and boasts a view overlooking woods along Shackelford Creek and a diving pool. The seller took our advice and purchased a pre-market appraisal which helped buyers understand the value added by all the updates.

The lowest price paid per-square-foot was $81.79 for a home built in 2000, also updated but extremely customized.

These are just two of the nine homes that sold last year. The average cost-per-square-foot was $116.59, the median $114.65. The average time on market was 55 days. You can see the complete CMA summary report by clicking here:

2019 Country Place Comparative Market Analysis


Country Place Directory, 2020-2021

Every two years we publish a directory of current residents for internal use. Now that land lines are becoming somewhat rare, the old Yellow Pages is no longer as useful and we find that our neighborhood directory is more helpful than ever. It’s surprising how often I refer to this little book for simple things like letting a neighbor know they have a broken sprinkler head, or that their dog is loose. Parents use it to set up playdates for their kids. Recently, one of our neighbors had a very loud burglar alarm go off while they were on vacation. Unfortunately, only their home phone was listed and it took some time before they were contacted. Meanwhile, their neighbors put up with the very annoying clanging (it was a false alarm). We never share the information with non-residents!

We will be offering advertising space, as usual. If you own a business and would like to place an ad in the directory, let me know. The ads are $25 for a business card size, $50 for a half page ad and $100 for a full page ad. The inside covers are $250 and can be color ads. The rest of the book is black and white. The charges for the ads simply go to fund the printing of the directory so no neighborhood dues are used.

If you are new to the neighborhood and haven’t already filled one out, or if your info has changed significantly since the last directory, please use the link below to download the official form:

Country Place Directory Info

However, if you just have a new email, cell phone, or have disconnected your land line, just email to let me know and I’ll make that change.

Hayride Instructions 2016

Dear Neighbor,

Find attached instructions for the volunteers, both treaters and drivers, helping with the Country Place 2016 Hayride.
Page 1 is contact information for everyone.
Page 2 is for both treaters and trailer drivers.
Pages 3-4 are for trailer drivers.
A map of the route will be provided later.
If you have questions, please call or text me at 903-570-9747 or email at

Hayride October 15, 2016


Part I.  Contact Information

Very, very ImportantEveryone needs to RSVP with Festival Master Lynette Fletcher.  This includes adults and children, both volunteers and attendees,  attending the hayride and/or festival.  Do now if you haven’t done so already.  We need accurate head counts.

Festival:                   Lynette Fletcher  903-953-1213 cell

Hayride:                  Tom Perry (Wagonmaster) 903-839-7233 hm, 903-570-9747 cell

Haymaster: Jonathan Campbell

Part II. Information for Treaters

  1. Plan treats for 80—100  kids.
  2. We will have 7 trailers.  The last trailer will let you know that they are the last one.  Remember that the trailers will spread out as they trek through the neighborhood.
  3. We will start at 2:00pm and be through about 3:30-4:00 pm.
  4. The hayride will start and finish at the Nance driveway near the festival location at the cul de sac at Big Timber and  Copper Oaks.
  5. On Saturday morning, a pumpkin sign with a number on it will be placed in front of your home.  This sign identifies your home as a trailer stop.  The driver of the last trailer will pick up these signs.

Tentative order of families at trailer stops:

  1. Duke – Oakmeadow Circle
  2. Lynch – Great Oak Circle
  3. Strickland(Gary) – JoBar Dr.
  4. McCullough/Terrell – JoBar Dr.
  5. Elikan – Copper Oaks
  6. Ray – Great Oak Circle
  7. Boudreaux – Great Oak Circle
  8. Douglass – Lakeshore Dr.
  9. Magee – Lakeshore Dr.
  10. Rayburn – Ridgetop Rd.
  11. Tosh – Big Timber Rd.
  12. Rice – Big Timber Rd.

Part III. Information for Drivers (Wagoneers):

 Wagoneers                        Wagons

  1. John Campbell Campbell
  2. Gary Fain Drott
  3. Travis Hunt Mohn
  4. Pat Pyle                                     Norvell
  5. Ken Terrell Duke
  6. Eric Peterson (Fisher)
  7. Gary Strickland (Hills)
  1. Tom Perry (stand by)

Safety/Road Guard

**NEED a volunteer.  To be located at Big Timber & Ridgetop intersection.

Instructions Before Hayride:

  1. Prior to Saturday, drivers must have a suitable vehicle capable of pulling their 16 foot flatbed trailer with side-rails. A two inch trailer ball is required for the hitches.  A safety chain is required for the trailer to connect to the vehicle.  If anyone has any question about this, let’s discuss now.  Don’t wait to ask on Saturday.

Instructions for Thursday and Saturday

     Thursday, October 13, 2016:

  1. Haymaster will deliver hay to Tom Perry’s home at 19272 Hidden Lake.

Saturday, October 15, 2016:

  1. Morning: Wagonmaster will put yard signs at homes of treaters.
  2. 1:00pm sharp: All drivers with their trailers meet at Tom Perry’s home.  Hay will be loaded on trailers and a safety meeting held (see next page).   Vehicles and trailers will then be taken to Greg Nance’s home and lined up.
  3. 2:00pm: Riders will begin loading up.  Trailers will leave at staggered intervals.  Trailers will stop at designated homes and should complete the trail by 4:00pm.
  4. The last trailer is to pick up the yard signs and return them to Tom Perry.
  5. Trailers will return to Greg Nance’s driveway on Big Timber to unload hay onto two trailers.
  6. Borrowed trailers are to be returned to Tom Perry’s home.

Safety Meeting Agenda:

  1. Maps will be given out and the trail route discussed.
  2. Each driver will appoint an adult on the trailer to be the Trailer Leader.
  3. The trailer leader will make sure all riders are secured on the trailer before it moves. Absolutely no hands or legs are to be hanging off the trailer.  The leader will tell the children when to exit the trailer and will tell the driver when to continue driving.
  4. The driver will do traffic control at each stop. Any oncoming vehicles are to be stopped or slowed and be allowed to proceed slowly only when the driver determines it is safe.
  5. The area of most concern on the route is Lakeshore Dr. going downhill from Ridgetop and uphill to Great Oak Circle.  The driver needs to advise riders of these steep slopes.
  6. Candy is not allowed to be thrown at anyone.
  7. This is a no brainer. No smoking, no alcohol, no profanity is allowed.  Kick any violators off the trailer or vehicle.

Lakeshore Repairs Coming Soon

2015-03-09__Idell_LakeshoreDrainageFor those of you who called yesterday and others who are curious, Petty Landscaping is working on the Idell’s drainage to repair the rock wall and re-channel the drainage swale along Lakeshore. Work should be completed today.
LinksCloggedCulvertIn the next few weeks (depending on continued dry weather) L&L Asphalt should be able to complete the work on Lakeshore which will repair the damage done by heavy rains. They will unclog the culvert between the Links and the Idells (18981 and 18948 Lakeshore) in front of the Kelsays (19355 ), the Magees (19043) and the failing valley gutter between the Lowells and Littles (19053 and 19065) where L&L will do additional work for the homeowners replacing the wooden flume with a concrete version with curbed sides. For more detail on the work approved, 2016_L&L-Asphalt_Estimates.Lowell-Little_WoodenFlumeIf you would like additional work done (on your driveway, for instance), now would be a good time to contact David Lockridge at L&L (903.561.2887).